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“Block by Block, We Build”

Lois Ide from Bucyrus, Ohio headlined at the National Quilt Day banquet, March 18, 1995. Her lecture was titled “Quilt with Purpose”, “Every quilt needs a purpose”, she said and “if it doesn’t have one when you start, one usually comes along”. She had just been featured in the March McCalls Quilting magazine with her WORLD PEACE quilt that was also adopted for use by UNICEF International. Judi Wolf, a HOQG member at that time, hand dyed the fabrics that Lois used. The banquet was in conjunction with QUILTS FROM THE HEART II at the Granville Inn. The show was a casual show with themed vignettes. It also included 8 quilt shops as vendors; and the Hoffman Doll Challenge. Approximately 700 people attended the show and some guild members enjoyed the whole weekend together with a retreat up on the third floor of the Inn and a Friday evening Tea.
Marianne Fons, co-host of the TV show Simply Quilts and Pat Knoechel, Eleanor Burns’s sister brought great workshops that year, as well. Debby Warthen was coordinator of these as well as many one day retreats at the Central Christian Church. For a $3.00 fee one could attend and enjoy the company of fellow comrades to work on projects.
Frequent appearances by Bob and Judy Rothermel of Schoolhouse Quilts included entertaining and informative programs about antique quilts, appraising and Judy’s designing, and always a bounty of fabrics, kits, patterns and books for sale. Bob is every woman’s dream husband. He just travels around the country promoting whatever she does. A couple of his quotes—“UFO’s aren’t fattening, they won’t spoil and you can finish them when you are mature!” “If you get sent up the river make sure you have your pieces cut out because they’ll give you needles and thread but no scissors.”
By the time the “HUGS FROM THE HEART” program was a year old, we had made 40 quilts. We stitched an average of 130 hearts at each general meeting. To quote Penny Haren, “We have, through our quilts, mourned with members who lost a loved one; welcomed new babies; comforted a family who lost everything in a fire; helped raise funds for a SPECIAL WISH program; sent a “hug” to an anorexic patient; given an 18 month old something to hang on to when his brother died of cancer, etc. etc.” When Penny had to give up direction of this program, CeCe Buker, Nita Boyer and Kathy Sims succeeded her with equal dedication. Under Penny’s direction we also hand appliquéd two beautiful alter cloths and a funeral pall as gifts for St. Edward’s Church. They continue to be used there today.

In 1996 the guild was lead by the following people: President-Virginia Bauman; Vice-Pres.-Ann Mussetter; Secretary-Sue Simpson; Treasurer-CeCe Buker and Rose Gray as the Newsletter editor.
Mary Ossa and Rose Beck tutored youngsters from ages 9-12 in a 4-H Quilting Club. Barb Hinterschied succeeded them at a later time and the club continues today.
In anticipation of “QUILTS FROM THE HEART III”, March 15 and 16, 1996, the board purchased PVC pipes and 3 free standing quilt racks for approximately $500. Donna Brown chaired this event with the gallery of quilts at the Robbins Hunter Museum; the 14 vendors at the Granville Inn; the Hoffman Doll Challenge winners; 26 Keepsake Quilting Challenge winners and on National Quilt Day, Jane Clark Staple of “The Feedsack Club” was our banquet speaker.
Our first President, Judi Kirby opened “Patchwork Cottage” in April 1996. Her first shop was in Hebron, Ohio. They later moved to a vintage farmhouse near State Routes 37 & 40.
On July 10, 1996 we hosted a luncheon at St. Edward’s Church Hall for quilters visiting from “down under”, New Zealand. Of course this included a big Show ‘N Tell by both groups.
An amusing program/contest for the UGLIEST quilt was presented in August. Some categories and awards were: most distorted block; pathetic piecing; oops! It didn’t stick; colors-clash without class; oldest and largest numbers of ufo’s; and all I need is the binding, etc. Awards and prizes befit the nature of the winning categories.
Those assuming office for 1997 were: President-Ann Mussetter, Vice-pres.-Julie Cooke, Secretary- Debby Warthen, Treasurer-Deb Robinson and Assistant Treasurer-Caren Eicke.
During this time in the guild, we enjoyed and nurtured some 18 Splinter Groups. Some you may still recognize are: Angel/ Holiday, Minatures, Piecemakers, Scrap Group, Wearables, Service Quilts, Quilts for Kids, Capitol City Quilters, Beginners, Baltimore Album, Ardent Appliquers, BFG’s, Monday Afters, Monday Remnants, Needlenuts, ThreeB’s, Thursday Group and several Round robin groups.
Quilts for Kids donated 80 quilts in 1996 and 60 quilts in 1997, under the guidance of Rita Stephens. In a little over 3 years, “HUGS FROM THE HEART” had donated approximately 200 quilts. There were now two groups for this service project, one in Newark and one in Columbus.
Auctioneer Craig Connally began volunteering his time to boost our auction to new success with profits of $4923.00 in 1997 and $5290.00 in 1998. A gift of a patriotic quilt was made for and presented to Craig and his wife at the auction in 1999.
New member teas were held to help new members adjust in a growing guild with membership of now about 180 quilt enthusiasts. It was decided to have a tea for every 12 new members or every six months.
Paul Mc Dade, Nancy Screbo Johnson, Shirley Stutz, Ami Sims and Piecable Kingdom’s Susan Parr headlined as workshop teachers and speakers in 1998. Kaye England brought “VOICES FROM THE PAST” to entertain us at the Spring Banquet.
Those who held office for 1998 are: President-Julie Cooke, Vice-Pres.-Mary Clark, Secretary-Barb Hinterscheid, Treasurer-Caren Eicke and Assistant Treasurer-Glenna Brooks. Jean Isham published the newsletter.
We coordinated efforts with Fons and Porter of Simply Quilts and sent 100 yards of fabric to quilters in the Outback of Australia. The worst drought in their history had so depleted even their basic necessities of life.
For several years we shared the guild’s summer picnic with the guild from Mt. Vernon, Ohio, usually meeting at Ye Old Mill near Utica, Oh. The summer of 1998 we took a road trip to Lancaster, Ohio to visit Lunn Fabrics, instead. They presented an interesting lecture about their fabric designing business with the Robert Kaufman Fabric Co.
Leading the guild for the last year of the 20th Century was: President- Mary Clark, Vice-pres.-Vivian Milholen, Secretary-Pat Schramm, and Treasurer-Carol Arbaugh.
Denison University invited our membership to participate in a mini quilt show and symposium in March 1999. 37 quilts were displayed at Burke Hall Art Gallery. Six of our members contributed quilts with visual impact from Feb 26-April 2.
Patty McCormick of “How to Make an American Quilt”, a movie produced by DreamWorks Studios, was the banquet speaker in March 1999. She regaled us with stories of how she and twelve other quilters from southern California had the opportunity to provide the quilt expertise needed for filming this very entertaining movie. We were all just as upset as she was when, in the closing scene, the elaborately appliqued quilt is seen being dragged on the ground through a citrus orchard!---eeek!
Other speakers of note in 1999 were Mary Sorensen, appliqué teacher of renown, and Linda Ott Lipsett, author and musician in “How to make an American Quilt”.
At the Nov. 1999 retreat Julie Cooke was crowned Queen of Nine Patch, Tresa Keys was named Prairie Point Princess and Jean Isham won for greatest distance traveled. It seems she only brought one project and finished it in the first afternoon. She made a milk run home for more projects. These getaways continued to be a popular time to share marathon quilting time together at Roscoe Village Inn.
An old Indian saying, quoted by President Mary Clark goes like this: “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.”
I dedicate this story of the HEART OF OHIO QUILTERS GUILD to the memory of some quilting friends who have gone on to quilt eternally. Their membership and contributions will always be remembered. They are: Louise Helser, Phyllis Chappelear, Janet Haas, Rosemary Hauisen, Marcie Kern, Rae Howard, Carolyn Cochran and Hazel Bishop.