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For almost 30 years, Carla made all her quilts by hand – and only discovered the rotary cutter in 2005! Recognizing how much faster making quilts would become, her ideas just went wild. There wasn’t enough time to execute all these quilts without findings ways to go faster. So this resulted in Shortcut Sheets – an accident discovered by breaking the rules. In this hour long presentation, Carla whares the path it took to go from Quilter to Designer. She has many quilts to show, all created over the past few years.  All 8 methods have been published in a binder format along with practice patterns for each technique, quilt patters, tips and worksheets. Three of her designs were published AQ Magazine with the fourth scheduled for March 2020. Carla also works with Northcutt to design many patterns using their fabrics. For more information about Carla, visit KitsByCarla.com