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This year's Challenge will be to use your birth month as your color and design guide. 

You will choose a main fabric that is the stone color of your birth month.  For example:  May's stone color is emerald green so green would be the color of the main fabric in your project.

The other part of the Challenge is to have your birth month flower in the design of your quilt.  October's flower is marigold, therefore you would design a marigold flower in the quilt.  Your flower can be appliqued, embroidered, paper pieced or you could even use a fabric that features your birth month flower.  You are encouraged to make the flower portion of this Challenge the main focus of your design.  It is up to you as to how creative your project will be.

The quilt may be any size you choose; wall hanging to full size, quilted tote, table runner, etc..  The completed Challenge will be due at the August Guild meeting and you will need to note your birth month and flower with the entry.  Members will vote on their favorites and there will be a prize given for each of the 12 months.  

It will be interesting to see the different patterns and designs used in this Challenge.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

Leslie Casebolt


January        red garnet                  carnation/snowdrop

February      amethyst purple           primrose

March          aquamarine lt blue       daffodil

April            diamond white             sweet pea

May             emerald green             hawthorn/lily of the valley

June            alexandrite lt purple     rose/honeysuckle

July             ruby red                      water lily/larkspur

August         peridot lime green        poppy/gladiolus

September   sapphire blue               morning glory/aster

October       opal multi colored        calendula/marigold

November    topaz orange               chrysanthemum/peony

December    turquoise blue green     holly/narcissus