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 Community Cares is now a Splinter Group. This is one of our guild's way of giving back and sharing the comfort that comes from a quilt. These comfort quilts are made for an individual in need of warmth and comfort of some type. Additionally, some quilts are made and donated to various organizations for them to auction off with proceeds going to support their mission. The recommended size is minimum 60" x 72", but lap quilts are also accepted.

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Hugs from the Heart Our Hugs from the Heart quilts are adorned with applique hearts to remind the recipient they are loved and cared for. Members applique hearts to blocks during the guild meeting or on their own and provide them to the Hugs from the Heart chairperson. These applique blocks are combined with pieced blocks to form the guild’s special Hugs from the Heart quilts.  Members can request that the chair provide a quilt to someone who is experiencing a life-altering circumstance. Most of the fabric is donated, and volunteers do the assembly. At most monthly meetings, there are heart blocks on the tables. The guild provides for the cost of the backing, batting, and the cost of quilting. If you have a specific time frame, the chair will gladly supply the materials and/or pattern for your use.  Quilts are approximately 54” x 66”. Kits are available at most meetings. Requests forms are available at the meetings or on the guild website.  

At some time in the twenty five years of the existence of HOQG, members decided to reach out to people who were experiencing a life-altering situation with a lap/throw quilt.   These quilts are adorned with applique hearts to remind the recipient they are loved and cared for.  Quilts often provide comfort and warmth while healing takes place in whatever form that is.  According to our records, by April, 2007,  there had been 247 quilts given to people locally and far away.  As of December 2016, we have now given 368 quilts to very grateful people. We could not do this without the support of our guild members.  

For more information on the Hugs from the Heart service project contact Linda Douglas - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




Quilts for Kids is dedicated to transforming fabrics into patchwork quilts to comfort children facing serious illness, injury, trauma, or loss.  Quilts for Kids accepts donations of fabric, batting, backing, and quilting. Our goal is that each guild member makes one quilt for kids. Members can designate where they want the quilt to go and the committee will make certain it reaches the chosen designation. Wondering how to make or what the requirements are: width of fabric by 40” is a general size for starters and you can take it up to twin size – remember children come in all sizes and so quilts of all sizes are needed.  Whole cloth, panel, simple strips, or any pattern works great. Finish your favorite way.  Supplies are always available – backing, batting, and fabric. Please contact Karen Adkins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 




Donation to LMH

2013 Heart of Ohio Quilt Guild donation of Quilts for Kids to Licking Memorial Hospital.

This picture was in LMH's Community Connection (newsletter). Picture courtesy of LMH.

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Download this file (QOV - 10th Anniversary Block.pdf)QOV - 10th Anniversary Block[10th Anniversary Block pattern]445 kB
Download this file (QOV - Honoring Al.pdf)QOV - Honoring Al[Honoring Al pattern]587 kB
Download this file (QOV - not so top secret.pdf)QOV - Not So Top Secret[Not So Top Secret pattern]247 kB
Download this file (QOV - patriotic log cabin.pdf)QOV - Patriotic Log Cabin[Patriotic Log Cabin pattern]3320 kB
Download this file (QOV - picket fence.pdf)QOV - Picket Fence[Picket Fence pattern]315 kB
Download this file (QOV - pinwheels plus.pdf)QOV - Pinwheels Plus[Pinwheels Plus pattern]1437 kB
Download this file (QOV - American Valor.pdf)QOV - American Valor[American Valor pattern]3548 kB
Download this file (QOV - Flag of Valor.pdf)QOV - Flag of Valor[Flag of Valor pattern]989 kB
Download this file (QOV - Split Star Block.pdf)QOV - Split Star Block[Split Star Block pattern]113 kB
Download this file (QOV - Sew Scrappy.pdf)QOV - Sew Scrappy[Sew Scrappy pattern]3246 kB
Download this file (QOV - Patriotic.pdf)QOV - Patriotic Quilt[Patriotic Quilt pattern]134 kB

Quilts of Valor (QOV) is a national quilting effort, that has distributed more than 200,000 quilts since 2003 and the beginning of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The mission of the QOV Foundation is to cover all service members and veterans touched by war with wartime quilts called Quilts of Valor. Quilts are received by all branches of the military.

QOV do have some specific requirements. Minimum quilt size of 60” x 70” to maximum quilt size of 72” x 87”. Fabric is required to be 100% cotton. Quilts must be quilted, not tied. Most QOV are often some combination of red, white, and blue although this is not a requirement; these quilts are distributed to adults so the size of the quilt and them of the fabric are significant.

Heart of Ohio Quilters’ Guild Involvement in Quilts of Valor

                Heart of Ohio Quilters’ Guild began involvement in this project in 2005 and has stitched about 30 quilts each year for this effort.  The QOV chairs receive fabric for this project donated by the guild’s members. The QOV chairs prepare quilt top kits that are distributed to members who wish to stitch a top. Some guild members create their own quilt tops and provides their own fabric. The QOV chairs then send our quilt tops and backs to volunteer longarm quilters assigned by the QOV Foundation. Members then bind the quilts, launder them, provide a label, a presentation case, and a letter from the guild that accompanies each quilt. The QOV Foundation assigns a destination and the guild provides a budget that pays for shipping QOF to their final definition. For more information about the effort see the QOV website at  Patterns for QOV may be found on the guild pattern page (hyperlink to page) For more information, contact the HOV Chairs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.